Why Using a Whiplash Injury Solicitor is Strongly Advisable

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident and have suffered whiplash injuries, using a whiplash injury solicitor to pursue a claim for compensation is highly recommended. Using a whiplash injury solicitor not only will improve the chances of making a successful claim but, in the majority of cases, will result in higher compensation being awarded.

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If you are considering using a whiplash injury solicitor to pursue a claim for compensation, you should consider choosing a solicitor who offers 'No Win No Fee' legal services. Pursuing a claim for compensation should not mean that you have to pay legal fees in the event of an unsuccessful claim, especially when you have already suffered an injury through no fault of your own.

No Win No Fee legal representation will ensure that you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries, without the financial pressure of having to pay to claim the compensation that you are entitled to. Many whiplash victims face considerable financial pressures from being forced to take time off of work as unpaid sick leave, and having to commit funds to making a claim can be the cause of considerable stress.

Even if you are unsure about using a whiplash injury solicitor to fight for compensation, you should still seek legal advice. Whiplash injury claims need to be made within a set period after the accident, and consulting a solicitor for advice will ensure that a claim for compensation can be made within the correct legal time frame.

Using a Whiplash Injury Solicitor to Raise the Profile of your Claim

Unfortunately, due to the nature of soft tissue injuries such as whiplash, this area of personal injury claims has had more than its fair share of false claims filed in recent years. Although false whiplash claims are less prevalent nowadays, there is still a certain stigma associated with whiplash compensation claims. In many cases, a claim letter is drafted by a 'victim' and is sent to the alleged defendant in the hope that this alone will result in an offer of settlement from an insurer. Although offers of settlement are rarely made without proceedings being issued, there is the chance that a claim made by an unrepresented whiplash victim is not treated with the seriousness that the claim deserves. Using a whiplash injury solicitor will ensure that the claim is treated appropriately, and as a result the clams process can be considerably smoother and is more likely to result in a quick settlement offer by an insurer.

Using a Whiplash Injury Solicitor for Accidents in the Workplace

Whiplash injuries are not limited to car accidents, and whiplash can be suffered after a fall from a height, or even falling off a chair. Any accident which involves a sudden pressure on the neck can cause soft tissue damage such as whiplash, with the ligaments, muscles and tendons in the neck particularly prone to this type of injury. Whiplash injuries sustained in the workplace from falls are often treated with suspicion; mostly through a lack of understanding of the nature of the injury. When pursuing such a claim against an employer, it is important that your claim is treated seriously, and using a whiplash injury solicitor can be of great benefit.

In such circumstances, this area of claims law often requires specialist representation, and using a whiplash injury solicitor will give you the benefit of his experience in fighting claims for soft tissue injuries. Not only will your claim be given the importance that it deserves, but you are more likely to receive your full entitlement of whiplash injury compensation as a result.